Blondel the Minstrel

A keen young Bretonnian lad, eager to incorporate the great feats of Viloman into his musics


Blondel travels with a variety of instruments including lute, fiddle, recorder and tambour. His voice is a little reedy, but good. He can do a spot of juggling too, and can dance and caper a little, although music is his forte. Blondel’s lips are never still as he works to memorise songs under his breath.

He is willing and eager to do anything he’s asked of, always referring to the party members as sir or ma’m. Blondel is happy to groom horses (fairly well), cook (badly), clean weaponry and armour (slightly better than he cooks) and do other menial tasks. He is extremely easy to bully into other tasks as well. He blushes often; with pleasure when asked to sing, and with embarrassment when uncomfortable about a task he’s being asked to do, he also blushes a lot around Anastasia.


WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
33% 42% 31% 33% 49% 51% 35% 60%
1 15 3 3 4 0 0 0

Skills: Animal Care, Swim, Charm+10, CK Brettonnia, CK Minstrels, Gossip+10, Perception+10, Performer(Musician+20, Singer+10, Storyteller, Juggler), Speak Reikspiel, Speak Breton, Speak Tilean, Ride
Talents: Acute Hearing, Ambidextrous, Etiquette, Public Speaking
Trappings: lute, recorder, tambor, fiddle, juggling balls, 1 set of good colourful clothing, 1 set of normal clothing, bed roll, cutlery, canteen, rations, various tools to maintain instruments (rosin, pipe cleaners, spare strings), soap, comb


Blondel the Minstrel

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