Baba Rasnyov, hag of the Northern steppes

Old, quick and powerful, few meet this hag and live


(Features in the backstory of Anastasia Krasnyi)

Baba Rasnyov is old and powerful. She had presided (as her ilk do) over a vast colony of abused mutants. A day came when they rebelled under the encouragement of a daemon-prince known as the Patchwork Prince. She was captured and brought to a place that stank of ancient and slowly-growing magic as a sacrifice, along with forty unfortunate girls. When one of the sacrifices escaped – Anastasia – the daemon released her, vowing they would meet again. This made her wretched mutant charges riot. She ran, making use of her magic to escape as the daemon prince began slaughtering them.

Her old life seemed strange and fractured; a few of her mutants returned, longing to make amends, and she put them to work. She needed to find out what the daemon-prince was doing, why he had not completed the ritual, and what he had meant by ‘We will meet again’.

Baba has done a lot of research since then, and understands now that the ritual was not completed. It was not broken however, only delayed. Once the Patchwork Prince can claim the last sacrifice he will be able to kill Baba, and complete the ritual. Baba now knows that her best chance of surviving, and preventing the completion of this ritual, is to preserve not only her own life, but Anastasia’s too. To this end she has claimed her as an apprentice, so that she might better protect her, and teach her to protect herself.


Baba Rasnyov, hag of the Northern steppes

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