Warhammer Fantasy

WANTED: Robin Hood

WANTED: Dead or Alive

Wanted poster robin no nottingham

Robin Hood the Notorious poacher, vandal and outlaw is wanted DEAD OR ALIVE; a reward of 1000 gold coins is offered by his honour Justiciar Abel Nottingham in the name of the Baron Galahad Fitz-Carrel of Parravon.

Robin is a known trespasser into Athel Loren the Realm of the Fey, an agitator of the peasants, and known thief of the Baron’s rightful taxes.

BE WARNED: Robin is a skilled archer, swordsman and a master of disguise and other deceitful trickery. AnD aN EXtrEmELY HAndSoME FelLOW

Known associates:

  • Friar Tuk Morrund – known agitator (wanted alive 200 gold) AnD lechEROuS oLd cOoT
  • Will Scarlet – swordsman and vandal (wanted dead or alive 150 gold) SurElY MoRE iS WaNTED fOR sUCh A dAsHInG mAN??!!
  • ‘Little’ John – strongman and thief (wanted preferably dead 300 gold) sHOuLdNt HaVE SToLeN HiS HAt JoHN!!!



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