Warhammer Fantasy

Thomas' View

I’m boooooored!

Been travelling now for weeks, and daddy isn’t loving me very much at all. I try to be good and make him proud of me but he just grimaces when I call him daddy. He doesn’t love me. Perhaps if I give him shiny things he will love me more.

I bought him a new shield with a pretty woman on it, at the camp, like he is always talking about… but he didn’t even seem to like it. It wasn’t THAT stolen. I bought it fair and square. Just like my new clothes… they are really rugged and warm, and there’s a cloak and a mask… I can play guardsman and thieves now… and oooh… if there wasn’t even a little toy gun in the pocket.

That crazy woman who calls a bear “mother” tried to grab me and wash me with soap. SOAP?? what does she think I am? a girl? I will show her. I still have eggs left from the camp.

Last night we stayed at an inn. It was a scary place, and being attacked by DEMONS!!! I was smart, yes I was, and I stayed inside and explored while daddy took the others outside to fight. While they were fighting I made their beds and put their stuff in their rooms. I hope the crazy woman is tired, ’cos her bed is extra specially special.

I found lots of cool stuff when I went exploring. It seems the short people… they can’t be dwarves, they are too pretty… that run this place use to be thieves. I don’t think they will miss a few items now though; like their lock picks; or this jar of green dust; or a wire with handles… or… or… or… the merchants have some interesting stuff too though. One of them has a rock in a box. What’s that about? What’s so valuable about a rock that they would need it locked up and sealed with wax??? I have to find out.

Oh no, now the crazy woman is getting us hired to go investigate the demons… I mean… they are DEMONS. I know daddy can kill them, but what if I am not there to help him??? Hitting the nasty man that was trying to kill him at the camp helped… he wouldn’t have survived without me…. wow, I’m a hero!

I hope we don’t regret this. And she is SO getting another egg, soon.


Beautiful, brilliantly in character. You’ll be getting a special fortune point. Now I just need to work on what those actually do. And maybe come up with a better name.

Thomas' View

Well, we didn’t linger at the camp too long. I did manage to pick up a few bits and pieces before we left, so cheap! They must have felt bad about trying to hold us up or something. Nym seemed to be involved with some strange business with wolves, but I didn’t want to pry, he? Seems a rather private person, and frankly scares me some.
While Ser Knight is keeping To’mas safe, I can’t help but feel he is not really embracing his role as father – so I tried to get the boy to wash as a first step to making him civilised. This did not go well. I really think that with a bit of guidance he could be a fine fellow when he grows up, or even a Knight too. He is strangely adept at keeping himself safe.
I honestly cannot complain too much about Ser Vilo, but the way he treats me as if I were also a child is becoming a tad tiresome. Women from his home land must be like mannequins or something.
And so we travelled… Mother seems happy to be away from that ghastly carnival, and there’s no way I could stay knowing there could be demons. I still cannot sleep soundly, and dread the night time – not that I’ll let it show. My little goblin companion is a good distraction however; it seems he believes we are married now. Adorable.
When we did find an inn, it was worse than the road. Demons! The innkeeper told us, that attack every night. I wanted to grab mother and run off in the other direction, but that would have been folly. Instead I fought through the night with my companions and prayed to Ursun to keep me safe and well. I do not remember much, other than waking up in a stench. That little imp destroyed my blankets and if I were any less tired he’d get a piece of my mind. I will have to confiscate them to teach him a lesson.
I finally got a bit of sleep, but was so worried about the demons. And I was right to worry. That morning (OK, Afternoon) the innkeeper asked us to solve their troubles once and for all.
So, here we are, about to go toward the demons. Ursun ,give me strength…

Thomas' View

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