Warhammer Fantasy

The travels of Viloman

Well things are turning out much better than anticipated, after being sent out late to the call to arms I arrived at the war with nothing of note left to accomplish. Yes I was able to kill a few of the northern barbarians, but no real adversaries; no knights of power on daemonic steeds for me to gloriously kill in the lady’s name. No five-headed daemons with whips and axes and eyes made of bale fire. How was I ever going to prove my worth now??

It was as I travelled back home despondently praying to the lady each night and morning for a sign that she hadn’t forsaken me, when I noticed a poster with the sign of the grail on it. As I never felt it necessary to learn the pointless art of reading I asked what I assumed to be some sort of merchant to explain it to me. To my surprise I was informed that it was a poster for a carnival that had just passed that was said to contain a real grail knight! I was furious; how dare they make such a claim, no grail knight would ever fall so low as to perform like some peasant. How wrong was I!

As it turned out the grail knight was Sir Gallahad of Paravon, he was so impressed with our joust that he offered me my spurs and a place in his court. The only problem being was that I had to protect a group of very strange commoners to the ocean first, and then bring back a rather troubling small child to the keep.

Well not to be disheartened with some small inconveniences I felt overjoyed by the obvious favour of the lady as she bestowed me my hearts desire and my spurs. So my first decision – what to call the magnificent creature that I rescued from its evil masters?

death claw….or red beak….or blood wing…. hmm will decide as time goes on.

As we progressed it became clear that this group seems to attract the oddest of situations; we went from nearly being ambushed by a group of archers, it didn’t suprise me that they were all peasents. as soon as they realized that a true son of Bretonnia was shielding the group from harm they immediatly withdrew and offered us compensation in the form of food for the night.

I will say this now the peasents in the empire are a weird lot. With no proper knight to protect them and guide them they fall to bad activities, but as soon as they are shown that they are cared for they are nice people. For peasesnts.

Odric the cantankerous old fool stuck his nose into things that don’t concern him again and I ended up fighting an obvious nobleman to rescue him. I dismounted and gave him the warriors salute as all noblemen should and he shot at me… with a crossbow pistol. the lady showed her displeaure with such a cowardly attack and the shot flew wide. Again I tried to fight honourably and again he tried to use trickery, so the Lady punished him by stripping off his armour mid-battle. I have never seen nor heard of the like before in all my life; but this must surely be a sign of the Lady’s favour for me.

After this sign of her detest of the man I allowed the elf to kill him like a peasant squirming on the floor.

Again we set out on our quest and again the group found itself in danger only I could protect them from…Daemons oh glorious daemons I had travelled for weeks for the glory of battle with no chance of the challenge and here they were waiting for me. the Lady must truly favour me.

The short peasants who run the inn had barricaded them self up against the attacks and hid inside waiting for salvation. But as they have no lords to ride to their aid, they had little chance of survival. until now.

I will make a note here that the empire needs the protection of its betters and the sooner the better in my opinion.

Again the daemons attacked at night expecting only peasants for defence but instead they found a glorious son of Breton. I must have smote dozens of the foul beasts before they retreated like cowards. The peasants begged us to rid them of the foul beasts once and for all and what more could I do but except.

I trailed after the monstrosities the next day and I was able to find the blasted temple to the evil powers that had spawned the beasts the night before. As I expected the temple entrance was festooned with evil tricksy puzzles, I left these things to the elf to decipher as we all know about his ilk.

When we finally managed to get into the heart of the temple my heart sank, it seemed that the truly powerful daemon was too afraid to fight me and instead turned on its master and told us how to stop the attacks. These blasted daemons are never to be trusted, and where possible destroyed for all time. As I was unable to vent my anger upon the beast I took it out on the small beast creatures next door killing them to a man/beast thing.

Now to find the beast’s master and show him the true wrath of a glorious knight of the lady.



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