Warhammer Fantasy

Nymraithir's Recollection

It has been 2 Lunar cycles since Naeve found me, I cannot remember who I was before that encounter, only that I now am instinctively drawn to wander, wherever in search of something or sent out to protect the forests I do not know.

For most of that time I have been patrolling the forests in the empire, watching for remnants of the damned forces of the chaos wastes, and eradicating any stragglers. It wasn’t until the autumn equinox that Naeve drew my attention to a particular notice displayed on a sign post, showing a picture of an imprisoned spirit of the forest and saying a carnival was taking place in Hergig and so with haste I set off.

When I had reached the town, I skirted the tree line to see if I could gain access in to the carnival without detection, it seemed it would be too difficult. Naeve, sensing my annoyance, directed me in the direction of a Bretonnian Knight, one of The Grail no less. At his tent, there I was in the presence of a Halfling (he thinks he is a child but he has the eyes of someone older), a young Bretonnian knight and a Woman with a Bear companion. The Grail Knight introduced himself as Sir Galahad, Earl of Parravon and he asked those present to assist him in getting to the bottom of the carnivals secrets; out of respect for his homeland I agreed.

The gathered party waited until dusk to move towards the carnival camp, we encountered only a few guards who were swiftly dealt with, before we came to a tent full of unusual beings. There was a handful of tortured Asur, a Druchii, a hatchling hippogriff, 2 skaven, a siren, a mad goblin, a dryad and, most harrowingly, a demon. The Young knight slew the skaven and the demon where they were caged, I released the Asur and tried to stop the Goblin or Druchii from being released, but the foolish Bear Woman just did it anyway. The goblin was very nimble as neither I nor the knight could land a blow on the goblin, but I used its affection for the Bear Woman to aid me in releasing the dryad in to the forest, to my anger the dryad ignored the goblin as it disappeared from sight. After returning to Galahad with the news, we were all asked to escort Odric and the Siren to the coast, I again agreed out of respect.

As we were travelling along the road west, we encountered a band of humans blocking the road who were trying to rob the caravan, I remained hidden in the trees ready to ambush if needed, although the humans stood down and offered the group food and shelter for the night at their camp. I remained hidden until I was sure it was safe, moving around the tree line to enter the clearing from the opposite side. When I had reached the other side of the clearing, I encountered some wolves, which made me instinctively decide to scout further to see if I could get near the pack alpha. Unfortunately they had caught my scent and started growling in my direction when I went too far, but I could see that they were surrounding the charred corpse of a wolf, along with Humans in armour wearing wolf pelts. The noise must have alerted the party and they had walked over to investigate, after which we found out that the wolf had been ‘murdered’. I then caught a glimpse of one of the wolves shift into human shape and I then made the decision to assist the shape shifters in their revenge, whilst not divulging their secret. When we returned to the caravan, Odric was missing; I immediately picked the trail up and headed in to the trees and after a short distance I found Odric tied to a Pyre and a Human with a torch cursing Odric as a heretic. I went to untie Odric before the flames took hold, the Halfling eventually got Odric’s hands free for him to free himself, leaving us to tackle the Human. The Halfling appears to be very resourceful, loosening the armour of the witch hunter, allowing me and the Knight to bring him down; I made sure he wasn’t going to get back up again. When we returned to inform the Wolf men, they granted me an audience with a Great wolf, it permitted me to place my hand on its head, and Naeve began the attunement ritual.

We continued our journey past Middenhiem with no more problems. A week had passed since I had last saw Naeve, and instinctively I held my hand out to touch a tree and Naeve appeared, with her form subtlety changed. As we stopped at an inn for that night, we found out that they had fortified it after been attacked by daemons for the past 3 nights. The Daemons attacked again that night, I managed to fend off the flying daemons, whilst the knight, oblivious to the flying daemons, helped fend of the mass of small daemons with the other defenders, although oddly I didn’t see the Halfling outside the inn that night. In the morning, we rested for a few hours, resupplied and set off towards the direction the daemons had come from. The trail, which included a single beast man’s hoof prints, led us to a temple hidden in the forest; inside we had to solve riddles to gain access further, where we encountered another daemon, who evaded all our attacks. We learnt from this daemon that it was getting weary of its ‘master’, a beastman shaman, and it decided to give us hints and after clearing the temple of the beastmen left to guard it, we set off to find the shaman…


Beautifully written! Thank you very much.

Nymraithir's Recollection

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