Warhammer Fantasy

What have we done?

Odric's Journal

15th Day of Brauzeit

What have we done?! I don’t know where to begin: A lizardman spawning pit here, in the heart of the Empire?! I cannot possibly fathom the consequences of this, all I can pray is that the inevitable war does not weaken both forces against the armies of corruption.

We came to a walled inn one evening; I have been making excellent progress with the siren. She tells me her name is Tan’Sel; it is not very pronounceable in Reikspiel, but that is as close as our tongues in the air can come. I settled into the stable, and we were told that every night daemons mass outside and attack the inn. Very odd indeed; to summon a force of daemons of that size (approx. 50) in this area of the Empire where the winds of chaos do not blow that strongly would take either a truly prodigious (daemonic?) sorcerer, artifact, or some kind of rip in the Empyrean. We were later to discover the cause was something of a mix of the former two.

My companions inevitably carved their way through the daemon wave, and left to discover the cause. I chose not to join them: Were I to interrupt my research every time such a thing occurred I would no longer be a researcher. This was a decision I would later regret.

Firstly I would regret it because of the magnificent tale they told me; they spoke with what could only have been a potent entity from the Empyrean, an ancient dragon and an ancient unicorn. The latter two had apparently had a grudge for centuries over who was the most graceful and beautiful; very few interactions have been recorded between magical beings, so this rare glimpse is quite valuable to my research. Also of interest is the nature of the unicorn’s territory, warped to a state of excessive verdancy; this certainly lends credence to the concept of the forest spirits as daemon-kin, one could infer that these changes were symptoms of the aethryrian leaking through (somewhat like a more pleasant form of the blood dripping down the walls in the presence of khornate daemons).

Secondly I would regret it because I might have had time to change the course of what happened. My curiosity and eagerness to witness such a thing got the better of me, and I did not think through what I was enabling… had I had time to ponder the ramifications surely I would have chosen differently. If.. if if. If only I hadn’t had to kill those two witch hunters the night before last, if only I had thought to disrupt that ritual all those years ago rather than letting the daemon distract me as I took notes. I fear that one day I will run out of second chances. They came to get me and bring me to the temple, they asked me questions and I answered honestly. The place was utterly fascinating. Then they switched it on.



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