Warhammer Fantasy

Crispy wolf

Odric's Journal

4th day of Brauzeit in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

The siren is nervous of me, but I believe she understands that we mean her well (or at least less harm than she suffered at the hands of the carnival-men). She is eating well, and seems curious and alert. I am attempting to speak with her, I believe I am making some progress in communicating. She is a fascinating specimen. She appears to have complex organs around her throat, when examining these with my ethereal eye I am able to discern traces of silvery magic around them; I don’t wish to jump to any conclusions but I suspect this is the source of the alluring song from maritime legends.

5th day of Brauzeit in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

The bear-girl awoke us with her screaming again today, I believe the incidents at Hergig have freshened old traumas. I would swear the siren attempted to speak today, but I fear my reaction alarmed her. The To’mas lad is quite a conundrum. At first I believed his deception of the others was deliberate, but the more I watch him the more I doubt it. I will test him tomorrow. I have most of the ingredients of the famous hot-pot, and we are certainly in an area of the pivotal ingredient; sour-root.

6th day of Brauzeit in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

Writing difficult – burned. Hendrig found me. Dead now but brotherhood will send more. He murdered a child of Urlic. Burned hide so the others couldn’t wear it as traditional.

Warned the Ulric children – more witch-hunters will come.

To’mas must have lost memories. Is it right to tell him what he is?



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