Warhammer Fantasy

Having a beastly time at the carnival

Odric's Diary

20th day of Mitthurbst in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

Today I received a letter from my grail knight friend, The Honourable Earl Galahad Fitz-Carrel of Paravorn, describing a carnival travelling the Empire which he suspected of corruption. I intend to follow in its path for a time, to determine the truth of it myself.

30th day of Mitthurbst in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

As I travel between towns on my quest to investigate this carnival I find that chaos and tribulation most assuredly are travelling in its wake. I have found milk curdling, two-headed serpents (most fascinating, see pressed artefact on opposite page), and incidents of the most appalling kind. I discovered a minor noble had murdered many of the inhabitants of a shelter he sponsored before taking his own life. Many of the marks on the victims were consistent with the wounds typically inflicted by a worshipper of the ruinous powers – specifically the serpent. There are several more similar incidents in other towns. I must catch up to this carnival and investigate it thoroughly.

3rd day of Brauzeit in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

The day was dreary with a frosty morning when the carnival came into Hergig. The forests in Hochland are particularly spectacular at this time of year with golden and crimson foliage. I had done a thorough inspection of the carnival, but was unable to gain access to the guarded carnival tent until I was aided by a group of four individuals apparently sponsored by Galahad. They swiftly dispatched the guards, and deservedly too, for within the caravan I discovered to my horror many fascinating creatures kept in deplorable conditions, including a siren! I had never had the opportunity to inspect or converse with such a being before.

The creatures were all either slain or freed, save the siren who must be transported to her home in the ocean. To this end I (with a little assistance from Galahad) have enlisted the adventurous group that rescued me. Many of them are travelling South, and the promise of finances seems to have persuaded those unconvinced by the cause. I am a little daunted at the prospect of caring for such a creature, but I am sure we will manage. I look forward to learning the creature’s language, and will have plenty of time to sketch it in detail with such stalwart allies to do all the ‘legwork’. Interestingly two creatures from the carnival have joined us; a hippogriff chick (I look forward to documenting its growth and eating habits) and a deranged goblin. I must admit, I find the goblin (named Fool) to be quite fascinating; there’s something about him I can’t quite put my finger on.

Anyway, I’m off to fetch supplies for our trip, and to speak with the gentlemen in prison about siren care.



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