Warhammer Fantasy

Convergence at Hergig

Anastasia has been travelling with the carnival for several months. Despite a few exceptions (Gaustov the whiteface clown, Leilani the ‘tattooed savage’ and Miruna) she’s found most of the people within it to be quite hostile, and would rather like to leave. Something isn’t quite right with these private shows.

The errant knight, Viloman, missed all the good fighting and spent the last month of the Northern war chasing down cultists. Disappointed not to have proven his worth to a powerful noble, but his fighting spirit still burning well, Viloman is travelling back home to find another war to get involved in. Having come down the river Talabec by barge he intends to make the rest of the way on horseback via the Great North Road. As fortune would have it he finds himself approaching Hergig just in time for a carnival, allegedly with a real grail knight. Now that would be something.

Like every ‘child’ in Hergig, To’mas is extremely excited about the carnival coming to town. His motives are probably the same too, though perhaps not his methods. The carnival draws in hundreds of people with heavy pockets (barely manageable really) to lighten, delicious snacks (who couldn’t spare some for a poor starving boy and his dog?), and exciting shows to trick his way into. And who knows, maybe this Miruna can tell him all those things he can’t remember.

Somewhat in the same boat as Viloman, Nymraithir is travelling back to Athel Loren after travelling North to fight the hordes of corruption. Rather than travel back with his kin, Nymraithir is taking the long route back, in the hope of finding some creatures that his bonded spite, Naeve, can attune to. It was when he saw a picture of a caged dryad on a carnival poster that he decided to pay Hergig a visit.


Now if only I had any pick-pocketing, or stealth based abilities laughs Gonna have to settle for scamming. Charm/Blather/Gossip I can do.

Convergence at Hergig

Oops sorry, con-artist. Not pickpocket. I’ve fixed it now…

Convergence at Hergig

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