Warhammer Fantasy

Memoirs of Magnus

They don’t understand the danger they’re all in. They don’t realise the threat he represents, how he courts chaos. They think they will suffer no consequence being so close to him. They shall see the truth. The horrors that stalk that…. man. The demons shall claim them all if they allow him to live. That Bretonnian will probably relish the thought of the challenge, the imbecile. He would see the world burn for his pride and vanity. That chaos elf, I was warned of the creature he truly was. But even with all the preparation I put myself through, seeing….. it…. chilled my soul. The child…. the innocent…. I fear the wizard has engratiated himself to the young one, the poor childs soul may hang in the balance. Now I sit in this cell, powerless to help him, powerless to free them, and us all, from the Terror that old man will unleash upon this world…..
How could we fail?……

WANTED: Robin Hood

WANTED: Dead or Alive

Wanted poster robin no nottingham

Robin Hood the Notorious poacher, vandal and outlaw is wanted DEAD OR ALIVE; a reward of 1000 gold coins is offered by his honour Justiciar Abel Nottingham in the name of the Baron Galahad Fitz-Carrel of Parravon.

Robin is a known trespasser into Athel Loren the Realm of the Fey, an agitator of the peasants, and known thief of the Baron’s rightful taxes.

BE WARNED: Robin is a skilled archer, swordsman and a master of disguise and other deceitful trickery. AnD aN EXtrEmELY HAndSoME FelLOW

Known associates:

  • Friar Tuk Morrund – known agitator (wanted alive 200 gold) AnD lechEROuS oLd cOoT
  • Will Scarlet – swordsman and vandal (wanted dead or alive 150 gold) SurElY MoRE iS WaNTED fOR sUCh A dAsHInG mAN??!!
  • ‘Little’ John – strongman and thief (wanted preferably dead 300 gold) sHOuLdNt HaVE SToLeN HiS HAt JoHN!!!
What have we done?
Odric's Journal

15th Day of Brauzeit

What have we done?! I don’t know where to begin: A lizardman spawning pit here, in the heart of the Empire?! I cannot possibly fathom the consequences of this, all I can pray is that the inevitable war does not weaken both forces against the armies of corruption.

We came to a walled inn one evening; I have been making excellent progress with the siren. She tells me her name is Tan’Sel; it is not very pronounceable in Reikspiel, but that is as close as our tongues in the air can come. I settled into the stable, and we were told that every night daemons mass outside and attack the inn. Very odd indeed; to summon a force of daemons of that size (approx. 50) in this area of the Empire where the winds of chaos do not blow that strongly would take either a truly prodigious (daemonic?) sorcerer, artifact, or some kind of rip in the Empyrean. We were later to discover the cause was something of a mix of the former two.

My companions inevitably carved their way through the daemon wave, and left to discover the cause. I chose not to join them: Were I to interrupt my research every time such a thing occurred I would no longer be a researcher. This was a decision I would later regret.

Firstly I would regret it because of the magnificent tale they told me; they spoke with what could only have been a potent entity from the Empyrean, an ancient dragon and an ancient unicorn. The latter two had apparently had a grudge for centuries over who was the most graceful and beautiful; very few interactions have been recorded between magical beings, so this rare glimpse is quite valuable to my research. Also of interest is the nature of the unicorn’s territory, warped to a state of excessive verdancy; this certainly lends credence to the concept of the forest spirits as daemon-kin, one could infer that these changes were symptoms of the aethryrian leaking through (somewhat like a more pleasant form of the blood dripping down the walls in the presence of khornate daemons).

Secondly I would regret it because I might have had time to change the course of what happened. My curiosity and eagerness to witness such a thing got the better of me, and I did not think through what I was enabling… had I had time to ponder the ramifications surely I would have chosen differently. If.. if if. If only I hadn’t had to kill those two witch hunters the night before last, if only I had thought to disrupt that ritual all those years ago rather than letting the daemon distract me as I took notes. I fear that one day I will run out of second chances. They came to get me and bring me to the temple, they asked me questions and I answered honestly. The place was utterly fascinating. Then they switched it on.

Nymraithir's Recollection

It has been 2 Lunar cycles since Naeve found me, I cannot remember who I was before that encounter, only that I now am instinctively drawn to wander, wherever in search of something or sent out to protect the forests I do not know.

For most of that time I have been patrolling the forests in the empire, watching for remnants of the damned forces of the chaos wastes, and eradicating any stragglers. It wasn’t until the autumn equinox that Naeve drew my attention to a particular notice displayed on a sign post, showing a picture of an imprisoned spirit of the forest and saying a carnival was taking place in Hergig and so with haste I set off.

When I had reached the town, I skirted the tree line to see if I could gain access in to the carnival without detection, it seemed it would be too difficult. Naeve, sensing my annoyance, directed me in the direction of a Bretonnian Knight, one of The Grail no less. At his tent, there I was in the presence of a Halfling (he thinks he is a child but he has the eyes of someone older), a young Bretonnian knight and a Woman with a Bear companion. The Grail Knight introduced himself as Sir Galahad, Earl of Parravon and he asked those present to assist him in getting to the bottom of the carnivals secrets; out of respect for his homeland I agreed.

The gathered party waited until dusk to move towards the carnival camp, we encountered only a few guards who were swiftly dealt with, before we came to a tent full of unusual beings. There was a handful of tortured Asur, a Druchii, a hatchling hippogriff, 2 skaven, a siren, a mad goblin, a dryad and, most harrowingly, a demon. The Young knight slew the skaven and the demon where they were caged, I released the Asur and tried to stop the Goblin or Druchii from being released, but the foolish Bear Woman just did it anyway. The goblin was very nimble as neither I nor the knight could land a blow on the goblin, but I used its affection for the Bear Woman to aid me in releasing the dryad in to the forest, to my anger the dryad ignored the goblin as it disappeared from sight. After returning to Galahad with the news, we were all asked to escort Odric and the Siren to the coast, I again agreed out of respect.

As we were travelling along the road west, we encountered a band of humans blocking the road who were trying to rob the caravan, I remained hidden in the trees ready to ambush if needed, although the humans stood down and offered the group food and shelter for the night at their camp. I remained hidden until I was sure it was safe, moving around the tree line to enter the clearing from the opposite side. When I had reached the other side of the clearing, I encountered some wolves, which made me instinctively decide to scout further to see if I could get near the pack alpha. Unfortunately they had caught my scent and started growling in my direction when I went too far, but I could see that they were surrounding the charred corpse of a wolf, along with Humans in armour wearing wolf pelts. The noise must have alerted the party and they had walked over to investigate, after which we found out that the wolf had been ‘murdered’. I then caught a glimpse of one of the wolves shift into human shape and I then made the decision to assist the shape shifters in their revenge, whilst not divulging their secret. When we returned to the caravan, Odric was missing; I immediately picked the trail up and headed in to the trees and after a short distance I found Odric tied to a Pyre and a Human with a torch cursing Odric as a heretic. I went to untie Odric before the flames took hold, the Halfling eventually got Odric’s hands free for him to free himself, leaving us to tackle the Human. The Halfling appears to be very resourceful, loosening the armour of the witch hunter, allowing me and the Knight to bring him down; I made sure he wasn’t going to get back up again. When we returned to inform the Wolf men, they granted me an audience with a Great wolf, it permitted me to place my hand on its head, and Naeve began the attunement ritual.

We continued our journey past Middenhiem with no more problems. A week had passed since I had last saw Naeve, and instinctively I held my hand out to touch a tree and Naeve appeared, with her form subtlety changed. As we stopped at an inn for that night, we found out that they had fortified it after been attacked by daemons for the past 3 nights. The Daemons attacked again that night, I managed to fend off the flying daemons, whilst the knight, oblivious to the flying daemons, helped fend of the mass of small daemons with the other defenders, although oddly I didn’t see the Halfling outside the inn that night. In the morning, we rested for a few hours, resupplied and set off towards the direction the daemons had come from. The trail, which included a single beast man’s hoof prints, led us to a temple hidden in the forest; inside we had to solve riddles to gain access further, where we encountered another daemon, who evaded all our attacks. We learnt from this daemon that it was getting weary of its ‘master’, a beastman shaman, and it decided to give us hints and after clearing the temple of the beastmen left to guard it, we set off to find the shaman…

The travels of Viloman

Well things are turning out much better than anticipated, after being sent out late to the call to arms I arrived at the war with nothing of note left to accomplish. Yes I was able to kill a few of the northern barbarians, but no real adversaries; no knights of power on daemonic steeds for me to gloriously kill in the lady’s name. No five-headed daemons with whips and axes and eyes made of bale fire. How was I ever going to prove my worth now??

It was as I travelled back home despondently praying to the lady each night and morning for a sign that she hadn’t forsaken me, when I noticed a poster with the sign of the grail on it. As I never felt it necessary to learn the pointless art of reading I asked what I assumed to be some sort of merchant to explain it to me. To my surprise I was informed that it was a poster for a carnival that had just passed that was said to contain a real grail knight! I was furious; how dare they make such a claim, no grail knight would ever fall so low as to perform like some peasant. How wrong was I!

As it turned out the grail knight was Sir Gallahad of Paravon, he was so impressed with our joust that he offered me my spurs and a place in his court. The only problem being was that I had to protect a group of very strange commoners to the ocean first, and then bring back a rather troubling small child to the keep.

Well not to be disheartened with some small inconveniences I felt overjoyed by the obvious favour of the lady as she bestowed me my hearts desire and my spurs. So my first decision – what to call the magnificent creature that I rescued from its evil masters?

death claw….or red beak….or blood wing…. hmm will decide as time goes on.

As we progressed it became clear that this group seems to attract the oddest of situations; we went from nearly being ambushed by a group of archers, it didn’t suprise me that they were all peasents. as soon as they realized that a true son of Bretonnia was shielding the group from harm they immediatly withdrew and offered us compensation in the form of food for the night.

I will say this now the peasents in the empire are a weird lot. With no proper knight to protect them and guide them they fall to bad activities, but as soon as they are shown that they are cared for they are nice people. For peasesnts.

Odric the cantankerous old fool stuck his nose into things that don’t concern him again and I ended up fighting an obvious nobleman to rescue him. I dismounted and gave him the warriors salute as all noblemen should and he shot at me… with a crossbow pistol. the lady showed her displeaure with such a cowardly attack and the shot flew wide. Again I tried to fight honourably and again he tried to use trickery, so the Lady punished him by stripping off his armour mid-battle. I have never seen nor heard of the like before in all my life; but this must surely be a sign of the Lady’s favour for me.

After this sign of her detest of the man I allowed the elf to kill him like a peasant squirming on the floor.

Again we set out on our quest and again the group found itself in danger only I could protect them from…Daemons oh glorious daemons I had travelled for weeks for the glory of battle with no chance of the challenge and here they were waiting for me. the Lady must truly favour me.

The short peasants who run the inn had barricaded them self up against the attacks and hid inside waiting for salvation. But as they have no lords to ride to their aid, they had little chance of survival. until now.

I will make a note here that the empire needs the protection of its betters and the sooner the better in my opinion.

Again the daemons attacked at night expecting only peasants for defence but instead they found a glorious son of Breton. I must have smote dozens of the foul beasts before they retreated like cowards. The peasants begged us to rid them of the foul beasts once and for all and what more could I do but except.

I trailed after the monstrosities the next day and I was able to find the blasted temple to the evil powers that had spawned the beasts the night before. As I expected the temple entrance was festooned with evil tricksy puzzles, I left these things to the elf to decipher as we all know about his ilk.

When we finally managed to get into the heart of the temple my heart sank, it seemed that the truly powerful daemon was too afraid to fight me and instead turned on its master and told us how to stop the attacks. These blasted daemons are never to be trusted, and where possible destroyed for all time. As I was unable to vent my anger upon the beast I took it out on the small beast creatures next door killing them to a man/beast thing.

Now to find the beast’s master and show him the true wrath of a glorious knight of the lady.

Thomas' View

I’m boooooored!

Been travelling now for weeks, and daddy isn’t loving me very much at all. I try to be good and make him proud of me but he just grimaces when I call him daddy. He doesn’t love me. Perhaps if I give him shiny things he will love me more.

I bought him a new shield with a pretty woman on it, at the camp, like he is always talking about… but he didn’t even seem to like it. It wasn’t THAT stolen. I bought it fair and square. Just like my new clothes… they are really rugged and warm, and there’s a cloak and a mask… I can play guardsman and thieves now… and oooh… if there wasn’t even a little toy gun in the pocket.

That crazy woman who calls a bear “mother” tried to grab me and wash me with soap. SOAP?? what does she think I am? a girl? I will show her. I still have eggs left from the camp.

Last night we stayed at an inn. It was a scary place, and being attacked by DEMONS!!! I was smart, yes I was, and I stayed inside and explored while daddy took the others outside to fight. While they were fighting I made their beds and put their stuff in their rooms. I hope the crazy woman is tired, ’cos her bed is extra specially special.

I found lots of cool stuff when I went exploring. It seems the short people… they can’t be dwarves, they are too pretty… that run this place use to be thieves. I don’t think they will miss a few items now though; like their lock picks; or this jar of green dust; or a wire with handles… or… or… or… the merchants have some interesting stuff too though. One of them has a rock in a box. What’s that about? What’s so valuable about a rock that they would need it locked up and sealed with wax??? I have to find out.

Oh no, now the crazy woman is getting us hired to go investigate the demons… I mean… they are DEMONS. I know daddy can kill them, but what if I am not there to help him??? Hitting the nasty man that was trying to kill him at the camp helped… he wouldn’t have survived without me…. wow, I’m a hero!

I hope we don’t regret this. And she is SO getting another egg, soon.

Crispy wolf
Odric's Journal

4th day of Brauzeit in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

The siren is nervous of me, but I believe she understands that we mean her well (or at least less harm than she suffered at the hands of the carnival-men). She is eating well, and seems curious and alert. I am attempting to speak with her, I believe I am making some progress in communicating. She is a fascinating specimen. She appears to have complex organs around her throat, when examining these with my ethereal eye I am able to discern traces of silvery magic around them; I don’t wish to jump to any conclusions but I suspect this is the source of the alluring song from maritime legends.

5th day of Brauzeit in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

The bear-girl awoke us with her screaming again today, I believe the incidents at Hergig have freshened old traumas. I would swear the siren attempted to speak today, but I fear my reaction alarmed her. The To’mas lad is quite a conundrum. At first I believed his deception of the others was deliberate, but the more I watch him the more I doubt it. I will test him tomorrow. I have most of the ingredients of the famous hot-pot, and we are certainly in an area of the pivotal ingredient; sour-root.

6th day of Brauzeit in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

Writing difficult – burned. Hendrig found me. Dead now but brotherhood will send more. He murdered a child of Urlic. Burned hide so the others couldn’t wear it as traditional.

Warned the Ulric children – more witch-hunters will come.

To’mas must have lost memories. Is it right to tell him what he is?

Having a beastly time at the carnival
Odric's Diary

20th day of Mitthurbst in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

Today I received a letter from my grail knight friend, The Honourable Earl Galahad Fitz-Carrel of Paravorn, describing a carnival travelling the Empire which he suspected of corruption. I intend to follow in its path for a time, to determine the truth of it myself.

30th day of Mitthurbst in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

As I travel between towns on my quest to investigate this carnival I find that chaos and tribulation most assuredly are travelling in its wake. I have found milk curdling, two-headed serpents (most fascinating, see pressed artefact on opposite page), and incidents of the most appalling kind. I discovered a minor noble had murdered many of the inhabitants of a shelter he sponsored before taking his own life. Many of the marks on the victims were consistent with the wounds typically inflicted by a worshipper of the ruinous powers – specifically the serpent. There are several more similar incidents in other towns. I must catch up to this carnival and investigate it thoroughly.

3rd day of Brauzeit in the year of Sigmar 2523 IC

The day was dreary with a frosty morning when the carnival came into Hergig. The forests in Hochland are particularly spectacular at this time of year with golden and crimson foliage. I had done a thorough inspection of the carnival, but was unable to gain access to the guarded carnival tent until I was aided by a group of four individuals apparently sponsored by Galahad. They swiftly dispatched the guards, and deservedly too, for within the caravan I discovered to my horror many fascinating creatures kept in deplorable conditions, including a siren! I had never had the opportunity to inspect or converse with such a being before.

The creatures were all either slain or freed, save the siren who must be transported to her home in the ocean. To this end I (with a little assistance from Galahad) have enlisted the adventurous group that rescued me. Many of them are travelling South, and the promise of finances seems to have persuaded those unconvinced by the cause. I am a little daunted at the prospect of caring for such a creature, but I am sure we will manage. I look forward to learning the creature’s language, and will have plenty of time to sketch it in detail with such stalwart allies to do all the ‘legwork’. Interestingly two creatures from the carnival have joined us; a hippogriff chick (I look forward to documenting its growth and eating habits) and a deranged goblin. I must admit, I find the goblin (named Fool) to be quite fascinating; there’s something about him I can’t quite put my finger on.

Anyway, I’m off to fetch supplies for our trip, and to speak with the gentlemen in prison about siren care.

Convergence at Hergig

Anastasia has been travelling with the carnival for several months. Despite a few exceptions (Gaustov the whiteface clown, Leilani the ‘tattooed savage’ and Miruna) she’s found most of the people within it to be quite hostile, and would rather like to leave. Something isn’t quite right with these private shows.

The errant knight, Viloman, missed all the good fighting and spent the last month of the Northern war chasing down cultists. Disappointed not to have proven his worth to a powerful noble, but his fighting spirit still burning well, Viloman is travelling back home to find another war to get involved in. Having come down the river Talabec by barge he intends to make the rest of the way on horseback via the Great North Road. As fortune would have it he finds himself approaching Hergig just in time for a carnival, allegedly with a real grail knight. Now that would be something.

Like every ‘child’ in Hergig, To’mas is extremely excited about the carnival coming to town. His motives are probably the same too, though perhaps not his methods. The carnival draws in hundreds of people with heavy pockets (barely manageable really) to lighten, delicious snacks (who couldn’t spare some for a poor starving boy and his dog?), and exciting shows to trick his way into. And who knows, maybe this Miruna can tell him all those things he can’t remember.

Somewhat in the same boat as Viloman, Nymraithir is travelling back to Athel Loren after travelling North to fight the hordes of corruption. Rather than travel back with his kin, Nymraithir is taking the long route back, in the hope of finding some creatures that his bonded spite, Naeve, can attune to. It was when he saw a picture of a caged dryad on a carnival poster that he decided to pay Hergig a visit.

The Carnival of Wonders is Coming to Hergig
The carnival is in town!

In Hergig from the third day of Brauzeit to the seventh ONLY!

Come visit the Carnival of Wonders!

Premier Carnival of the Empire!

Dancers and performers from all four corners of the land!

Wrestle a REAL Kislevite Dancing Bear!

Can you stand in a joust with a REAL GRAIL KNIGHT OF BRETONNIA?!

BEHOLD the MONSTERS of the North! Beasts FAIR and FOUL! Wonder at the scintillating dryad, tremble before the MIGHTY DRAGON!



Fortunes from Madame Miruna, Strigani mystic – SHE’S NEVER WRONG!

PLUS Hall of mirrors, clowns, acrobats, storytellers and MORE!

We also do fabric repairs and carpentry. Want to purchase a private show? – inquire within!


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